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7 Hacks For Throwing A Surprise Party

Throwing a surprise party can be a daunting task! Getting everyone organised, making sure the birthday person is really surprised and isn’t faking it, lots of things to do and remember at the same time! These tips shared by Jumia Travel, the leading online travel, should help you in planning an exciting and unforgettable surprise gig. Go detective on them If you are throwing a surprise party for someone it means you know them well. However, it’s important to find out what they would like without giving anything away. A good way to do this is to get them talking about other...

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6 Side Effects of Eating Too Much Salt

Wonder whether you’re eating too much salt? The more salt you consume, the higher your blood pressure and excessive levels of it in your body over time can increase your risk of osteoporosis (a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue) and other chronic conditions, so it’s important to restrict your daily intake to no more than a teaspoon’s per day. In line with this, we reveal 6 side effects of eating too much salt. You are always using the toilet Whether at night or during the day, frequent urination is a key sign of excessive salt intake,...

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Addressing Domestic Violence Through Racial Justices

Gender based violence is an epidemic in the United States. One in four women will be impacted by domestic violence in her lifetime; every day three of these women will be murdered by her intimate partner. One in three girls is a victim of physical, verbal or emotional abuse in the United States. Every two minutes another American is sexually assaulted. If these statistics aren’t alarming enough, women of color experience even higher rates of violence and have a harder time accessing much-needed resources. As one of the largest providers of domestic violence services in the nation, YWCA knows this only too well. We...

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Australia’s TV Host Departure Raises Questions on Gender Pay Gap

For decades, she has blazed a trail in the Australian media, bringing the news to homes around the country. But on Monday, Lisa Wilkinson herself became the subject of the day’s breaking news, her resignation reigniting a fierce debate about a gender pay gap, an issue that has increasingly roiled the media industry. “I’m sad to say that today was my last day on ‘The Today Show,’” Ms. Wilkinson wrote on Twitter late Monday, referring to Nine Network’s flagship breakfast program, which she had co-hosted for a decade. Her post contained a statement from the network confirming the split, which came after months of...

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5 Useful Ways to Simplify your Financial Life

Managing your personal finances doesn’t have to be so complicated; it doesn’t have to be such a herculean task. There are ways to simplify the management of your personal finances and get a good grip on your expenses. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 useful ways to simplify your financial life. Have Just 1 or 2 Credit Cards It is much easier to control your spending when you have just 1 or 2 credit cards compared to when you have 5 or 10. If you have multiple accounts with different banks, you can decide to just...

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