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The Components of Courtship

Courtship is that period that a man and a woman, who have agreed to get married, set apart as time to get to know each other. Courtship is very important for a successful relationship and subsequent marriage, because couples get to discover each other even though this process would continue for probably a lifetime. Communication Communication is very key in any meaningful relationship; it is a common belief that communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. Intending couples must learn how to communicate. Communication facilitates intimacy. First, in communicating, couples must learn how to communicate their intentions and not...

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The Total Woman

The total woman is a unique individual who is multi-talented and endowed with creative abilities. She is completely focused and highly organized; she is virtuous and God-fearing and has all the requirements to be a helper. One of the qualities that singles out the total woman is her extraordinary organizational skills to build a budding career, and at the same time, manage her home effectively. The scripture gives real examples of women who are total in every aspect of life. Lydia, a single businesswoman was a dealer in expensive fabrics, (Acts 16: 14-15). Pricilla was a career woman and...

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How to Make Groundnut Oil for Healthy And Tasty Dishes

Vegetable oils are a really helpful ingredient in any kitchen. They can be used for almost any meal, and they are much better than the animal fats, as they are free of cholesterol and saturated fats. This means that they are better for your health, especially for your heart. Groundnut oil is one of such oils and, what’s more important, it is very easy to make on your own. Furthermore, groundnut oil production in Nigeria can be a part of a profitable business. So, if you’re interested, here is how to extract oil from groundnut at home.   Health benefits of groundnut oil...

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The Women Who Covered Vietnam

This year Australia put the journalist Kate Webb on a stamp to commemorate the country’s Veterans Day. It is a reproduction of a famous photo of Kate wearing a safari shirt, holding open her notebook while looking intently at the subject of an interview. By recognizing Kate, who covered the Vietnam War for United Press International, as a “woman in war,” the stamp quietly acknowledges what has been glossed over in the annals of the conflict. Female reporters covered that war, rewriting the rules so that the phrase “woman war correspondent” would never again be an oxymoron. Reporters like Kate and...

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A Photographer and Her Subject Share a Journey Over the Decades

In the first pages of “An Autobiography of Miss Wish,” the reader meets Kimberly Stevens multiple times: In handwritten notes; dark, cinematic images; drawings of knives and books; and a beaming childhood portrait. Then there’s her psychiatric history written in detached clinical jargon, and a portrait of her prone, living on the street. This visceral book lays out her life, drawing readers in even before fully understanding what they are looking at. “An autobiography of Miss Wish” is a collaboration between Nina Berman, a documentary photographer, and Ms. Stevens, a survivor of sex trafficking and child pornography whom Ms. Berman...

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