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Nutrient-packed Soya Beans

Soybean (US) or Soya beans (UK) is the highest source of plant protein; it contains more than 40% protein compared to other legumes which contain 20 to 25% protein. Soy protein is also of the highest quality among all the legumes. The quality of soy protein is equal to that of meat and milk proteins. Most plant proteins are considered incomplete proteins because they are low in one or more essential amino acids. The levels of one amino acid or another found in some grains are insufficient for human needs. Grains are generally low in lysine; beans are typically...

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I Have a Job and a Chronic Illness: 8 Tips on Managing Both

As someone who’s battled multiple, chronic health issues, I know firsthand that maintaining a full-time job while living with a chronic illness is tricky business. Pushing myself day in and day out as an occupational therapist left me feeling exhausted, frustrated, and drained. A constant lineup of symptoms left me wondering if I was doing more harm to my body than good. Eventually, I was forced to make the difficult decision to leave my job and focus on my health. My body no longer allowed me to do both. For many of you, quitting your job or going part-time...

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Signs Your Marriage is on The Rocks

In all relationships, marriage included, it is normal for couples to argue. But, how can you tell if the arguments that you are having are healthy or are a sign of a poor relationship? Having many more negative interactions than positive ones may have you questioning your relationship. If you are already starting to wonder about the future of your marriage there are some ways to tell if there really is  problem to worry about. Here are five telling signs that will help you determine whether or not your marriage is on the rocks: You are both talking but not communicating....

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Reasons You Really Need To Stop Comparing Your Career To Everyone Else’s

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Well, Teddy, I can’t help but agree. Oftentimes, seeing how you match up against others is a frustrating, discouraging, and simply unproductive use of your time. Sure, sometimes there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to really give you a kick in the pants. But, in most cases, constantly comparing yourself—particularly your career—to others is pretty much a recipe for disaster. Don’t believe me? Here are six reasons you should snap out of it and stop analyzing how you measure up to everyone else. Because, honestly, it reallydoesn’t matter. 1. It’s...

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Poland abortion ban: Thousands of women take to streets across country to demand reproductive rights

Women across Poland are set to protest against attempts by the government to further restrict access to abortion. Demonstrations across at least 50 cities have been organised by Polish Women’s Strike, a coalition of women’s rights groups. Pro-choice demonstrators plan to wear black as a sign of mourning for their reproductive rights, which have come under threat under the ruling conservative Law and Justice party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc, or PiS).   In a Facebook post, organisers of the march in Warsaw called for a “feminist revolution” with the hashtag #SaveWomen, in reference to a pro-women bill recently rejected by the Polish Parliament. Demonstrations will also take place...

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