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More Than Just a Survivor

Truth be told, there is nothing wrong in being a survivor. After all, a survivor is someone who beats the odds, isn’t she? Doesn’t sound like a bad place to be. But picture this; a terrible thunderstorm, flower buds in a patch swaying helplessly in sync with the ferocious wind, the storm dies down and you see that some buds have been virtually uprooted from the ground, a few others still stand…the survivors. Now, picture this, the storm has passed, it’s a beautiful morning, you look at the flower patch again, the buds are still there, some bruised, others bent over, but one…one has opened its buds to enjoy the morning sun. That is what you can have. That is what it feels like to do more than survive; to thrive.

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5 Mistakes That Can Sink a Good Boss

Running a successful business means wearing many hats, including the “boss” hat. If you find yourself frustrated with your employees’ performance, see if you’re making one of these five mistakes. If you own a company or manage a department, part of the reason you’ve come this far is because you’re good at what you do. But inspiring the people who work for you to give their best efforts is another skill altogether. It’s hard to complete tasks well and on time if your staff isn’t on the same page with you, or if they don’t share your commitment to success. Are you frustrated by employees who don’t perform as well as expected? It may be time to take a look at your leadership style.

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