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6 Startup Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

In 2015, the number of women-owned firms increased again. Women now own about 30 percent of U.S. businesses and employ nearly 8 million workers. Businesses owned by women provide one in seven jobs in privately-owned businesses, reports It’s not uncommon for women to face unique challenges, especially when trying to juggle traditional roles of wife and mother with the demands of starting and running a business. Over the years as a business owner myself, and through training women to run their own etiquette businesses, I have learned a few tips that may help women looking to start a business.

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How to Survive in a Male-Dominated Field

These days we find more and more women braving the odds and stepping into jobs and careers that used to be an all-men’s affair. Are you in a work environment where gender ratio isn’t in your favour? Where there are so many men and the number of women is negligible? When you work in a male-dominated office, you find that it comes with its attendant challenges.

Generally, women who work in a male-dominated field find that they often have to work twice as hard in order to prove themselves. They are rarely given powerful positions, and more often than not, struggle to even find a voice. So, it turns out that some women believe that if they are to make any sort of measurable success in their male-dominated careers, they have to be ‘manly’. What this does in effect is that it makes the woman seem aggressive, abrasive, rude and even domineering.

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5 Mistakes That Can Sink a Good Boss

Running a successful business means wearing many hats, including the “boss” hat. If you find yourself frustrated with your employees’ performance, see if you’re making one of these five mistakes. If you own a company or manage a department, part of the reason you’ve come this far is because you’re good at what you do. But inspiring the people who work for you to give their best efforts is another skill altogether. It’s hard to complete tasks well and on time if your staff isn’t on the same page with you, or if they don’t share your commitment to success. Are you frustrated by employees who don’t perform as well as expected? It may be time to take a look at your leadership style.

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5 Different Tips to Avoid Overworking Yourself

If you have a career or a job that requires you to work long hours throughout the week, you run the chance of overworking yourself. There is definitely a way to balance out your work life with your personal life in a way that you won’t be overworked, while still being able to do a great job at your job. Here are 5 different tips you can utilize in the workplace to ensure that you don’t overwork yourself.

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