Category: Behind Blank Pages (A Sister’s Diary)

Living in these Times with ‘OLD SCHOOL’ MORALS: The Lamentation Of Eva

Maybe I should do a time-travel (to the past) and stay there…or just go home and stay with God, most things I see and hear about makes me pinch myself sometimes to see if I was some terrestrial being, and at other times to see if I was dreaming. No! I am no terrestrial being, No! I am always in my waking moments when I see and hear these things…

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Dear Diary: The Beginning

Well, the outpouring of my soul is much easier emptied into some faceless white pages- the reasons aren’t far-fetched. For one, you – Dearest Diary, can’t talk back at me, and for the most part, you can’t judge me, you can’t even dare! Do you lighten the weight of my burden? Oh no! Far from it. But babe, the marriage of my thoughts, your blank pages and my pen, is sure made in heaven…it my heavy soul eases!

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