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How to be a Super-Mom

There is so much to being a mom that some women often experience fear when it comes to motherhood. While those fears are not baseless, it is safe to say that most of those women end up being great moms, super-moms as a matter of fact.

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The Function of Discipline in Parenting

Parents are charged with the responsibility of nurturing their children. God judged Eli, the priest for not rebuking his sons, who were also priests, for their wicked behaviours towards the people of the Lord. They were taking from the burnt offering that belonged to the Lord and sleeping with the women who came to the tabernacle of congregation (church). Eli was guilty because he honoured his sons more than God. In other words, he let them have their way even though what they were doing was a violation of God’s commandment. Therefore God judged him – the two sons died in one day.

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Celebrating Your Child’s Uniqueness

There are two things which I deem crucial to celebrating your child’s uniqueness. The first is doing away with negative labels. Please, do not let people label your child negatively and do nothing about it. When someone says, your child is ‘bad’; your immediate response should be to find out why the person said that and negate that remark. Step in and rename. The second is to let your child hear him or her being praised by you. I am not saying act out a scene, but do not be overly cautious about commending your child to another person in that child’s hearing. It is like water to a thirsty man’s soul. Whether they tell you or not, our children need us to love and accept them as the unique, deliberately crafted creatures sent from heaven to bless our lives and homes. Let us celebrate them.

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A Curious Harvest

Unlike planting and waiting to harvest agricultural produce, watching a child bloom is an adventure of a lifetime. However, it is not one to be taken lightly as you cannot expect a ‘good’ harvest quite by accident. It is something which requires time, care, dedication, discipline, and oftentimes some form of assistance from other people. Just as it is important to follow the principles of sowing and reaping, childcare also requires that certain things are in place to create an enabling environment for your children or wards to thrive and reach maximum growth and development.

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