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The long awaited summer holiday is here!

Summer holidays are extra special as it affords our children the liberty and the time to visit choice places as well as spend quality time with parents and loved ones.  Children cherish this period, they joyously look forward to trips and the fun places to visit.

As parents, giving them a memorable holiday is just one of the many ways we can show our children just how important and precious they are to us. So, school is over for the session, what better way is there to reward them for rigorous sessions of learning in the four walls of the classroom, than by helping them have a blast this holiday? You may consider this a cliché, but all work and no play really does make Jack a dull boy.

I sense some parents are having second thoughts as to how to create that unforgettable experience for their children without having to break the bank. You won’t have to because our children cherish the times we spend with them over all the choice places we can possibly take them to.

For parents who travel out for summer holidays but are reconsidering setting out in the light of the country’s current economic situation which has also affected foreign exchange rates; such parents will readily welcome the idea of holidaying in other tourist attractions within the country.

Perhaps you have a family tradition for summer holidays, and you know your children are genuinely cool with this arrangement, by all means, keep such practice alive. Such values keep family bonding evergreen; it also gives the children a sense of belonging as they progress in life.

Whether you are looking for cheaper holiday arrangements or you want a fabulous idea outside your regular practice, or you simply want to stay in town; there are three ways to give your children an unforgettable experience this summer.

Take them to the Amusement Park or some other children specific centres

It will cost you next to nothing to take your precious children on trips within your immediate environs. It could be a mapped out jolly ride in your locality as well, they will hold these memories dear to their hearts. Pick a weekend and enjoy watching your precious children squeal in excitement as they enjoy the rides.

Enrol them for extracurricular activities

As against the usual norm of going through academic schedule during summer lessons, let your children add some basic skills to their knowledge base. It could be in arts, music, science or other vocational activities.

Change their usual environment

If you seldom take your children out of their usual environment, please make this summer unconventional for them. A short holiday at grandma’s place may seem like a small thing to you, but grandma and the children will love you eternally for the visit.

The real essence of the holiday is to unwind and provide an enabling environment for our children to freely enjoy the leisure the summer holidays usher in. Remember they can’t be children twice; we owe them this much as parents.

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