It all starts with our mentality. The outside world is the reflection of our inner world. If you do not like what you see around, try and look into yourself deeper and find out what exactly needs altering.

Start controlling your own thoughts. Do you usually think in a positive or negative way? And what are the ways to learn to think constructively? It has already been proved that people with a negative mindset get sick more often.

Here is what you can do to improve the situation or totally transform it.

  1. Appreciate what you’ve got

Being thankful is important. Start with this small step. Take your time and look around to see how lucky you are to have what others might only be dreaming of having. Just admit that you possess much more than others, or much more than you even deserve. Stop being selfish. Do not expect others to praise you to the skies. This exhausts both you and other people. Follow the positive example and do something nice that is not typical of you. You will see that doing good things and making others happy gives you a lot of happiness and joy. Again, you do not lose anything. But, besides only yourself, you make someone else happy as well. Happiness is equal to harmony and balance. This, of course, will always attract people to you. You will even transform physically – your eyes will sparkle, you will smile more often just because you will realize that it is you again who is capable of making people feel good. Being a taker is different to being a giver yet not less emotionally pleasant. Be realistic and do not expect yourself to become a different personality. You will stay yourself, but a much better self. Isn’t it great?

  1. Help others

Selfish people are, as a rule, negative people. They are also called ‘energy suckers’. They cannot survive without others yet they never invest themselves into anyone but themselves. That is wrong and unfulfilling. It is good that you have learned to love yourself, now it’s time to take another step and learn to love the people around you. Any kind of relationship is a two-way street and if you do not want to stay all alone, you should start doing something about it right now. Helping others is appreciated by most. You will not go unnoticed. Helping does not require any special skills or talents. It does not cost anything either. Help someone by holding the door, or give sincere advice to someone who really needs it. Being a good listener might also be called help. There are too many lonely people who want to be listened to.

  1. Transform your thinking

Which of the two are you to yourself: an enemy or a friend? Keep in mind that only positive thinking can help you see change. Change the way you speak and, instead of negative words use positive ones. Paraphrase your negative comment into more positive. Let’s say, instead of saying that you “messed up again as usual” say that you “will try to do all possible to succeed next time”. It takes some time and practice to get used to thinking positively if all your life you have been thinking in a different way. But changing the way you think is one of the most powerful tools that will help you live a happier life.

  1. Circle of friends

In most cases we tend to behave the way the people around us act and behave. Look around and see who surrounds you. Are those people ‘energy sucker’? If so, try and avoid such people. They bring negativity into your life. Be wise and spend more time with people who inspire you and others, who help and support each other. Stay alert and watch how your current friends react to change. They might provoke you or drag you after themselves. Do not give up and do your best to resist their negative influence. Soon they will either leave you on your own or join you and become better following your example. It’s great if nobody stops you from change. It’s even better if there are people who are capable of stimulating and motivating you.

  1. Be the winner

We are born to be the winners. And the battle involves you and your own demons. Try to beat them and you will understand that the victory over yourself is the hardest victory of your entire life. Breaking others is much easier, while breaking your negative traits is incredibly hard, yet not impossible. Trust yourself and never blame others. People will always behave the way they feel they should behave. Some of the things done by them will disappoint you. Be strong and focus on the positive things that life brings to you. Anything is possible. And if you are really dedicated to change your life and yourself, then you will achieve your dream. Do not let the surrounding influence you. Be the one who influences and alters your own reality.

Credit: ladies.