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As usual, I am often caught up in one conversation or the other with friends; and this time, we were talking about whether it was right for women to be  financially dependent on their husband. I had a lot to say on this issue and I have decided to share my truth with you all.

While traditionally a man is meant to provide for the family and a woman is meant to take care of the home, it is still necessary for a woman to have a job. Even if the man promises to pay her millions of dollars as salary every year, a woman should still work. Here are my reasons:

  1. You will have financial freedom: This, I think, is enough reason any woman should want to work. Financial freedom gives you the opportunity to respond speedily to your needs without the hassles of waiting for handouts from someone.
  2. You will have an option: A lot of women have stayed in bad marriages because they feel they don’t have an option, in the financial sense of survival. As a result, they endure all kinds of abuses in their marriage; but when you work, you would always have the options to leave or stay, because you most certainly would have the money to take care of yourself, if you choose to leave the marriage.
  3. You will get busy: Although house chores can be quite tasking, they are not enough to get one busy the whole day, especially when one does not have any child. Having an occupation would ensure that you are busy and not always in need of your husband’s attention all the time.
  4. You learn: There are lessons to lesson from being an entrepreneur or even a career person; these lessons are things you most probably would never learn in the kitchen or in the bedroom.
  5. You become valuable: Having a source of income makes you more valuable. It will give you a sense of fulfillment, and make you an asset to both your husband and his family.

So, no matter how adamant your spouse is about you  not working, and no matter the promises he makes about his readiness to provide for you, remember that having an occupation is not all about the money; it is also about the value you give and get as well.


Nifemi Adekunle

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