Managing a family and business at the same time can be difficult and challenging especially for mothers of little children.

Nowadays a significant number of mothers are working either for themselves or for an organization in order to support their families, especially in the harsh economy.

It is even more demanding if her job requires lots of travelling. If you are this kind of mum, here are 5 ways you can manage this situation

  1. Always create a schedule

If you do not want your child’s daily routine to be disrupted or disturbed while you’re away from home, ensure you create a schedule that whoever is looking after your children can easily and strictly follow. You can create the schedule using a directive that you know can be comprehended easily. It helps you to be a good mother and a focus business woman.

  1. You can leave contact information

Make sure that anyone looking after your children has a list of phone numbers and email addresses of important contacts (husband, family members, friends, neighbours) just in case of an emergency, especially in times you are unreachable.

  1. Make sure you have the phone numbers of important contacts

Ensure that you have the phone numbers of your important contacts before you embark on your business travel. This will enable you to stay in touch with whoever is helping you look after your children.

  1. Always stay in touch

Modern technology has made it possible for people to stay connected to one another real-time. You can stay in touch wherever you are in the world with the use of social apps with video messaging features (Skype, BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook etc) at your disposal.

  1. You can Travel with your children

You may consider taking your children along on the business trip if it is convenient. It is understandable if you have trust issues with caregivers. You should make adequate plans on how to go about it before travelling. Also, you should ensure that the presence of your children would not interfere with the business objectives attached to the travel.

Credit: dailyfamily.