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Are you looking for original ideas to make your partner’s birthday unforgettable? We hope you will find our advice of great use to you and your family. Make your man’s birthday truly special.

Whether he is your boyfriend or husband, the main point is that you love him and that is already the greatest gift! However, it is possible to express your love and there are plenty of original ways to do this. Some ideas might cost a lot. Fortunately, we have hints and tips that will help you make your partner’s birthday special without spending thousands.

  1. Throw a surprise party

Throwing a surprise party is a wonderful option. Invite over his family and friends or people he seldom gets to see. You can also make it more intimate and private where just you and your boyfriend/husband will enjoy each other’s company. If the party is going to be big, inform your guests at least a month in advance. Tell them not to reveal your secret before the Big Day. Surprise your man and let him remember the party for long!

  1. Cook his favorite meal

You probably know your partner well enough. You know what kind of food he likes. It is always worth learning to cook his favorite meal. Feel free to experiment as well! If you know he prefers eating out to eating in, well, then find a restaurant or a cozy cafe where you will order his favorite dishes. Have a glass of good wine, too – after all, his birthday is a special occasion.

  1. Prepare his favorite dessert

A birthday cake is not the only dessert you can make to surprise your beloved one. Let your creativity lead you. There are so many delicious desserts that can be served instead of a birthday cake. Do not buy cupcakes or cookies, make them on your own. You can even make your own candies and ice-cream. Surf the net for recipes.

  1. Birthday combined with another exciting event

Celebrating your partner’s birthday by going to a special event is double fun! What is he interested in? Buy tickets to a car/horse racing, concert or a basketball match and spend your day together enjoying his favorite activity. Make it more intriguing and do not tell him what you have planned. Give him a small gift and let him know that there is some other surprise waiting for him.

  1. Send him a love letter

Texting or emailing is too trivial. It is good when there is no other way to get in touch with the person, but what will always make his heart melt is a real letter written by hand. Send your man a love letter and congratulate him on his birthday. This kind of gift is sweet, romantic and tells a lot about your warm feelings.

  1. Arrange a trip

This tip requires time and money – the two most important things we usually are short of. If, by chance, you have plenty of both, then go ahead and arrange a romantic trip. Let the two of you enjoy yourselves at last. Your partner deserves to be spoilt a little. And so do you! Which one would you pick: a camping trip or would you rather travel to a distant land? You might also like to take a cruise! Invest your time and money in memories and emotions. And there is no better way to get the trill than a trip.

Credit: ladiestalk.

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