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Simple Guide to Effective Time Management in Business

ffective time management in any organization translates into higher productivity. The key to effective time management in business is prioritizing and organizing. When you organize your tasks or schedule in order of priority, it helps you to be focused and get things done faster. Multi-tasking makes it look as if you are getting more done, however, this is not true because you need to be focused on one thing per time for effectiveness. However, if you are trying to focus on many things at a time, you won’t be able to give the required attention and detail. It is impossible to walk in two different directions at a time.

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6 Startup Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

In 2015, the number of women-owned firms increased again. Women now own about 30 percent of U.S. businesses and employ nearly 8 million workers. Businesses owned by women provide one in seven jobs in privately-owned businesses, reports Womenable.com. It’s not uncommon for women to face unique challenges, especially when trying to juggle traditional roles of wife and mother with the demands of starting and running a business. Over the years as a business owner myself, and through training women to run their own etiquette businesses, I have learned a few tips that may help women looking to start a business.

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Building Business Relationships

Developing the right relationships with the right people is critical to growing and expanding your business. This goes beyond merely piling up a pack of business cards after attending a networking event, or merely inviting people to connect with you or like your page on social media platforms. Like any other aspect of your business, it requires critical thinking and strategic planning.

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