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These days, there is just a thin line between dressing well and dressing to attract men. Women wear things that are provocative to men’s eyes. The fashion industry condones irresponsible dressing. The norm is the skimpier, the better. Sometimes getting good clothes is even difficult. Where do we draw the line between looking good and dressing provocatively? As technology is advancing, the world is becoming more civilized every day. However God’s standards are the same; He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The purpose of this write-up is not to form rules and regulations for dressing but to give helpful guidelines on dressing modestly. Women need to dress with a motive of love and not with intent to “kill”. If you love your brother, you would not wear what will cause him to sin or put suggestions of sin in his mind. So before you wear that skimpy dress, or that blouse that reveals your cleavage, or that skirt that will accentuate your voluptuous curves, think about the effect it will have on men as you go out.

Here are a few guidelines for ladies when dressing up either for work, church, parties or anywhere you will meet people.

Check knee-length

Wearing skirts or dresses that are above the knees is inappropriate and could even land you in trouble. Anything above the knees is skimpy; it may not be too obvious while you are standing, but once you sit, the dress or skirt jumps up and reveals your thighs. Surely, you do not want to be mistaken for a harlot because the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. So the next time you want to buy or make a skirt or dress, check out whether the knee length would advertise your thighs or not.

Check out the bust

You should avoid dresses, blouses or tops that are designed to reveal your cleavage or breasts. Your breasts are meant for the eyes of your husband only; you should not display them to people. If you are wearing an open neck or a low neckline dress, make sure it does not show your cleavag or reveal your breasts. You could also wear a matching camisole underneath if it suits the outfit.  For example maybe you wear a purple blouse and the first button is just below your cleavage you can wear a light pink or cream camisole to complement the blouse and cover up your cleavage.

Check out transparency

Wearing see-through dresses is also suggestive. See-through dresses include netlike and transparent wears. Before putting on a dress, check whether it is transparent; if it is consider wearing underwear underneath it. We have seen celebrities dress outrageously, sometimes they are almost naked. However, as a virtuous woman, these should not be your role models, don’t pattern your life and style after them.

Check out fitness

Avoid dresses that are too tight; your dresses should not be too tight to the extent that they outline every curve of your body.  This particularly concerns women that are “endowed” with those beautiful curves that can send any masculine mouth drooling. Those kinds of wears should be kept for your husband’s eyes only. Your jeans, pants, skirts should not be too tight or be uncomfortable for movement. You also need blood to circulate well around your body.

Above all let your motive in dressing be love, dress well and look good but don’t dress seductively.

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