The name Alero Ayida- Otobo does not ring a bell to all and sundry, but a peep into her world and personality will certainly unearth what an unsung personality she is.

Ageless Alero, a graduate of Oxford University, as earlier said doesn’t appeal to everyone but in spite of her slender posture, those who know the value of gold appreciate her weighty figure so much that she is no less an idol among her ilk.

Alero, CEO at Incubator Africa, a development agency operating on the African continent that mobilises and equips Africans to collaborate and actively participate in strategic reform activities, is a transformation strategist with invaluable understanding and experience of sector-wide reforms in Africa.

She’s about reforming educational and health systems, and transforming individuals and institutions.

Putting aside official duties to wear garment of celebration as it regards her birthday anniversary, it was nothing short of her intellectual personality that reflected in the organising and executing the birthday outing when she recently invited loved ones to felicitate with her on her special day. Welcoming the celebrant to the arena that was nicely decorated, the birthday girl, looking resplendent in wine colour flowing gown responded to the vibes of a guitar with nice steps that fetch her admiration from well –dressed and great looking guests.

Before a live band eventually took over, Alero was engaged in an articulate choreography spiced up the event while city pastor, Tony Rapu later supervised cutting of the cake. It was however a great moment when former minister for education, Obi Ezekwezeli, who was among dignitaries present took the stage to eulogize and commend great attributes possessed by the low cut wearing birthday girl.



Credit: Newtelegraph.