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The truth is nothing comes easy in life and life itself is filled with difficulties.  Frustration barriers are barriers that keep you from trying new things and going out of your comfort zone. It is also the same feature that allows you to quit far too early when you don’t understand or you don’t immediately get it.

The problem with the Frustration Barrier is that it is usually temporary. Once you break through the barrier, you can actually start enjoying the learning process and have some fun. More importantly, breaking through this barrier gives you access to a huge amount of personal growth that occurs whenever we do things that are out of our normal frame of mind.

Are you caught in a rut? Here are ways to help you overcome frustration;

Identify what triggers your frustration

The first step is to identify what triggers your frustration. Don’t allow the frustration to sneak up on you. You must quickly identify and then immediately work through the process to help you better this emotion.

Take a break

Are you trying to complete a task and you are frustrated on getting it done, always remember that your state of well being determines not just production rate but also the quality of your work. Take at least a 15-minute break to rest your brain and enable you to retrace your steps and realign your thought process.

Gain some clarity

There are few things you need to gain clarity. First, you must be able to identify the reason why you are feeling frustrated. The following questions will help you gain some clarity;

  • Why am I feeling frustrated?
  • What is the underlying issue that is bothering me?
  • What is causing the feelings?
  • How can I stop this emotion?

Once you are able to gain clarity on the following, you will realise your paths are now moving forward faster than you expect.

Ask for help

Don’t think you can do it alone, nobody is an island, you will definitely need help either one way or the other. For every problem you encounter, there will always be one or two persons who are capable of solving your problems. So whenever you find yourself stuck in the rut, speak out, don’t let your ego hold you back.

Be patient

Be patient and realise that developing a new skill in an area is just as important as solving your own problem or becoming good. If you start cooking a new meal but it tastes horrible, that doesn’t mean that cooking is impossible or that you just wasted your time, No! that’s not it. The truth is you’ve gained valuable experience that moves you further in your next attempt.

 Find ways to relax

Frustration can at times be very overwhelming. In fact, prolonged frustration can potentially lead to high levels of stress and other debilitating emotions. To avoid this trap, find ways to relax. It doesn’t really matter how you relax as long as you are conscious of the options you have to help you reduce your frustrations.

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