Nollywood actress and movie producer, Tayo Sobola, popularly known as Sotayo who is also an entrepreneur pop up to a new level as she unveils her online sales store for the latest designs and lip stain

According to the actress, “I have been designing for over a year and I decided to bring it public now because I have test-run my products over and over again and I’m sure it’s what people want. And for the lip stain I am launching now, I have tried it and I’ve been wearing it for about three months and I think it’s time to bring it to the public”.

She further explained why she decided to open her clothing, “Before I started Clean Stitches, when people see what I wear they admire it though I didn’t sew it but it is my design, and my material and I paid for it so I decided to open my clothing line”. She made it clear that she is not competing with anyone but merely doing what she can and unveiling now because she is sure of the quality of the products.

Midway into the show, she bragged about being a graduate of Public Administration from Olabisi Onabanjo University and being one with vast talents, “So I can come out with anything at any time. I have Sotee Entertainment, a showbiz enterprise, clothing line and cosmetic line which I’ve just begun by introducing first of all a collection of lip-stains.”

She shrugged of nasty comments by cynics that she’s got all she has from men. Sotayo said, “It’s normal for every successful and hardworking woman to get negative remarks, so I just turn deaf ears and don’t let them distract me. Obviously some people don’t work for their money because if they do, a man will definitely lend a helping hand. You always get support from one or two persons. No one wants to give money to someone who is not productive. I work for my money and I don’t care what people say.”

At Raddison Blu hotel, G.R.A. Ikeja, Lagos recently, the sassy actor, Sotayo, took her clothing line and lip stain a notch higher in a public presentation of the them after a year of test running the items.

Credit: newstelegraph.