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How to Learn Contentment

It was the beginning of a new week. I started my day with my daily routine of getting ready for work. Once ready, I left the house for the bus-stop where I hoped to catch an early morning bus to my office. A long twenty minutes after, there was still no bus in sight. While contemplating my next plan, a nice-looking car stopped to pick passengers. Without hesitation, I joined other passengers and we headed towards Ajah.

Other passengers alighted at their various bus-stops leaving me alone in the back seat of the car. I peered out the window and observed that as we passed other vehicles, people would turn to stare at the car I was in. I could almost read their thoughts; many may have wished for a car like mine, maybe even a life like mine. All I could do was laugh and browse through my phone till I arrived at my destination. I alighted and took the short walk from the bus-stop to my office still smiling to myself. If only they could see me now, what would they think? Would I even get a second look from those same people who had looked enviously at me not so long ago?

While I do not condemn those who envied me without actually knowing my story, I have learnt from personal experience that most times, those emotions are born out of a lack of contentment. So, I would like to share some of my personal tips on how to learn to be content.

Tips and How to be contented with your Life

  • Count all the good things in your life. That’s by far the best way to achieve contentment. Whenever you are not content with something, take a moment and count all the blessings in your life. If you honestly do that, there will be many of them. So, let your focus be on what you have rather than on what you don’t have.
  • Don’t try to be others. When you try to be like other people, then you are not happy with yourself, restrain yourself. Take a moment, count to 5, and remind yourself that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • Postpone decisions about buying new things. If you feel the desire to buy something new, think about it. Is it something you need or something you want? If it’s something you want, postpone the decision. Ask yourself why you want it. What’s wrong with what you already have? Take a couple of weeks, ideally a whole month. Put it on hold. If you still want it after that time, you can buy it.
  • Appreciate your life! Reflect on your life. Think about all the pleasant moments in your life regularly. You can do that while you run, or watch the sunrise or sunset, or when you are out in nature. Be grateful for every little thing, for every person in your life, and thank them silently.
  • Express your appreciation. It is great to appreciate God and other people. But if you never show them your appreciation, it is kind of halfway. So, express your appreciation by giving them a smile, a hug, thanking them publicly, or spending time with them.
  • Enjoy the simple things. Learn to enjoy simple things. Like conversations, walks, and hanging out with other people. Whatever you do, no matter how small, how inexpensive, and how trivial, enjoy it. If you consider it for what it is, you will see it is awesome.

Hannah Abe

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