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You are a queen and you know it. The question is does he know you are a queen and does he treat you like one? If a man talks down to you, hit you or takes you for granted, he doesn’t respect you and the truth is that you should kick him right out of the door. In fact right out of your life! But a little tip on how to make a man respect you don’t hurt so here goes:

  1. Be respectful: Respect is reciprocal may be an old saying, but it still rings true today. If you want to make a man respect you then you should respect him too. That doesn’t mean you should start kneeling for him every morning (Although, you can if you believe in it and he is your HUSBAND), but it means you should not be a cee-c oh I mean sisi or disrespectful. Don’t insult him or call him names even if you are angry. Just be yourself, give his feelings a second thought before you talk, be respectful, and you will get the respect you rightfully deserve.
  2. Be independent: It would be hard for a man to respect you if you keep asking for call-card, cash or any form of a gift from time to time. For a man to respect you, you have to be very independent, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accept gift but you shouldn’t be in the habit of asking at all times. Besides, nothing stops you from being the gift-giver, you know.
  3. Look presentable: Yeah! The look is a major factor. When you look neat, classy and stylish you will gain the attention and respect of a man.
  4. Be his friend: Men like to have sexual intercourse, but that won’t earn you the respect of a man, friendship however will earn you a lot of respect. Be his friend in every way and offer him your support and advice anytime he needs one. Offer help when you can and hold intelligent conversations too.
  5. Be yourself: When you want to earn the respect of a man, then don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be the queen that you already are and when he screws up don’t be afraid to tell him. Don’t tolerate anything that you can’t live with and never make the mistake to entrap a man with pregnancy. No matter how rich, charming or handsome he is, if he is not married to you, don’t have a child for him. You won’t get any respect being a baby mama, in fact, you lose it.

So, earning the respect of a man is pretty easy just be respectful and be yourself.


Nifemi Adekunle

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