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Marketing your way into a job has become a popular 21st-century job market trend. Today, not only companies need to advertise their business to job seekers – and the benefits they get from working there, but also job seekers need to show employers that they are capable of doing the job demonstrating their unique skills and experience.

Now more than ever job seekers are required to go the extra mile in an attempt to get the right attention. This simply means that you are expected to make the most of the tools you have available to promote yourself – either in the virtual or real world if you want to have your voice heard by someone who is more likely to want to listen.

But, even when you want to get the job really badly you don’t want to come out as pushy and alienate recruiters altogether. It would make you look desperate to get just any job. So, let’s take a look at how you can sell yourself to potential employers without being too pushy:

1. Take Your Time

When you are in the job interview and trying to convince employers you are the perfect fit, don’t just say it all at once. In fact, take some time to think about what you want to say and if it is possible prepare your speech in advance. Talk slowly in order to allow employers to follow what you are saying and allow yourself some time to breathe. There is really no reason to rush. Also, try not to talk endlessly about yourself. A good elevator pitch is no longer than 30 seconds so make your answers short and convincing.

2. Demonstrate Your Value

When approaching employers, you will have to think about how you can demonstrate your value to their organisation, not just selling yourself to them. Whether you are just reaching out to them during a networking event, or you are hoping to connect through LinkedIn, you can’t mumble about yourself. This will make you look uninterested in employers and give the impression that everything is about you. But there is always a certain limitation to how detailed you can be while trying to communicate your skills, especially when you just want to make the first connection.

3. Understand Your Audience

This is the first principle of successful marketing. If you don’t know your audience’s needs how can you effectively promote whatever it is that you are selling? In order for employers to show interest and eventually want to buy your services, you have to tell them exactly what they need to hear. So forget about talking nonsense and be specific. Talk about what you can do for them and give some examples of your accomplishments to back up your skills.

4. Show Confidence

There is nothing employers hate more than having to spend 15 minutes (at least) listening to a job candidate who doesn’t know how to talk about himself. This not only makes them bored to death but also forces them to guess more stuff about yourself and as such make some possibly false assumptions about who you are and what you have to offer to their company. So the minute you walk into the interview room, give a firm handshake and show them that you aren’t worried about how the interview will go. Believe in yourself and talk with confidence because this is the only way to make employers put their faith in you.

You might say that connecting with employers can be difficult, but in reality, this is just another skill that you can master. Promoting yourself may feel awkward at first however in time you will learn how to do it so that it comes more naturally to you.

Have you ever felt you were being pushy with employers in an attempt to make them see you are a good fit for the job? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below…

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