There are days….

There are days you reminisce about the past and you think of the lover you lost or the friends who have betrayed you and all you want to do is cry; cry your heart out and then wish your paths had never crossed.

On these kinds of days; what you need is to take in a breath of fresh air and relax, then think of how far you have come, how much strength you have acquired from those experiences and how strong you have become. Then take a stroll or watch a movie or hang out with some friends or listen to some old school music and let the nostalgic feelings fade.

There are days….

There are days you are so busy taking care of everyone around you that you forget to take care of yourself and when you finally realize how busy you have been, you don’t even remember or know how to take care of yourself anymore.

On such days, make a decision to take a break, give yourself a nice treat— eat some ice cream like a baby or let the sharwama stain your mouth, get some manicure or a massage then go to the cinema, watch a movie or comedy and have a good laugh.

For, my dear, in every day, in every way and for everything, don’t forget to: live, laugh and love.

I am Nifemi and this is my kind of truth.