The work of a mentor is to consistently teach you to become what you truly aspire to become. However, it is your responsibility not only to pursue, but also to reproduce and express the wisdom from those ahead of you. The information and wisdom you gather from your mentor are crucial to your growth because as you learn from the scars of a mentor, you become better and more competent in your field of interest. If you want to be relevant and excellent in what you do, never make major decisions without consulting with your mentor(s). You should not only act on your mentor’s counsel, initiate feedback and progress report on the task at hand.

Therefore, role of mentoring cannot be overemphasized, as we grow; we need a little push, a word of encouragement, an advice, a nudge or charge that would usher us into the next level in our individual endeavor. The truth is, everybody needs a mentor, in spite of where you are heading to, someone is already ahead of you, and so, you need that extra tip. To this end, I have prepared some basic principles that should guide you.

Time: It is established that the process of mentoring entails disseminating and receiving useful information, it then points to the fact that mentoring can occur at any time of the day. So there is no limitation as regards sourcing for the relevant knowledge, a lot of materials are available on the internet to update our study bank and resource pools. There is a clause on timing if your mentoring session is based on one-on-one coaching; your mentor determines your meeting hours, especially when their schedule is tight. This is not to deduce that you cannot initiate your meeting hours, but you must respect your mentor’s schedule, since their wealth of knowledge matters to you.

Focus: The mentoring process calls for our total focus or concentration. As a protégé, the state of your mind is a determining factor, your thoughts and efforts should be intact so that you can achieve desired result.  Your focus dictates the pace at which you gather all the facts you require from your mentor, if you then lose focus because of one challenge or the other, you may lose out ultimately. To be focused is to be in charge, grab all the benefits every mentoring session has to offer, this could be your defining moment!

Openness:  Your mentors are not superhuman, he or she cannot read your mind; mentoring will not occur if a protégé fails to establish and declare his expectations and wants to their mentors. It is necessary to divulge any information that would aid your progress as a protégé. After all, one of the reasons why you chose your current mentor is because you had a level of trust and confidence in their success and judgment.   To a great extent, trust is required to seal the bond between the mentor and their protégé since they may need to reveal some sensitive or confidential information.

Attitude: Attitude they say is everything, a wise protégé is expected to be loyal, humble, and obedient in all their dealings with their mentors. One of the ploys of foolishness is to sow the seeds of envy, strife and disloyalty. Once the protégé senses a mentor is no longer imparting, wisdom demands that he exits the relationship with all dignity. Perhaps you are currently facing some issues in this area, seek the opinion of other trust-worthy friend or associate, do not use this to destroy what you have built over a period of time.

Stocktaking: The mentoring relationship is not a funfair, you must carry out an assessment from time to time, and this should serve as a guideline to monitor your level of progress. It is not paparazzi or an excuse to increase your contact list, explore every avenue as soon as they come your way. You could keep a note on your dairy to keep a track on your progress and productivity.