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Every girl probably has at least one pair of skinny jeans in her closet. While some girls merely wear theirs with a top and sandals there are more exciting and stylish ways to rock your jeans.

Here are some tips:

1.    You can wear your jeans with a pair of buttoned-down shirt and heels, this will make you look classy. This can pass for your work clothes too.

2.    You can roll up the ankle of your jeans and wear it with a peep-toes or heeled sandals, and complete the outfit with a shirt and a blazer on top.

3.    You can also rock your jeans with a polo top and a pair of sneakers.

4.    You can rock your jeans with a turtleneck sweater and ankle booties when the weather is cold.

5.    You can rock your jeans with a crop top with heels or sandals of your choice.

6.    You can also combine your jeans with a simple blouse and a heel to add glamour.

7.    You can wear your pair of jeans with a blouse or shirt and a scarf on top will add a classy look to your dressing and change the neck shape of your blouse.

8.    You can add a piece of statement jewellery or bag to your  blouse in order to top up your look when putting on your jeans.

9.    Give yourself a rock star look by accessorising with a loose drop chain on your blouse.

10.   You can wear a tank top with a lovely jacket over your jeans with a low sandal or sneakers.

11.    You can also rock your jeans with a long tunic top and add a hat to it to give you a boho-chic look.

12.    You can also wear a kimono top on a pair of jeans with a flat sandals to give you a perfect casual look.

There are countless ways to rock your jeans, just ensure you add a little fun to it.

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