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To be in a relationship, it’s all about sharing secrets, experiences and some things with each other. But there are some secrets that are meant to be secrets, as in, ‘take to the grave’ secrets.

This is because there are some secrets that when said, may change the way you relate to your partner, the way they perceive you and sometimes even provide a basis for arguments and breakups. While full disclosure and honesty to each other is laudable and must be pursued there are some secrets that you may share with your partner that will tear apart the fabric of your relationship, thus, it is advisable to keep these secrets to yourself.

You should consider keeping these secrets to yourself unless it is absolutely necessary. They include but are not limited to;

Crushing on one of his friends

It is natural for human beings, even those in a relationship to crush on someone else. You might find yourself in a situation where you love how one of your man’s friend dresses, carries himself around or talks.

As harmless as this feeling will be, the moment you admit it to your man, it could end up being disastrous. Although innocent, some men do not take this admission lightly.

Your body counts

Mentioning the number of people, you have been to bed with is a total no-no. Whether you have reconciled with your sexual past or are at peace with your list of exes, your partner may view it differently.

Dislike of his family and friends

Telling him how bad or weird his family is a slippery road. Your man has literally spent a huge part of his life with them. You can dislike them all you want but keep it to yourself or find a softer way to express your disapproval.

After all, you are dating him and not his family. If he has to know about someone, nudge him to find it out on his own as calling out on family members may put you in a very bad spot.

Your family’s opinion on him

Once in a while, you have let your family, or even friends, give honest opinions on how they see your partner. Some of these comments, being honest, may not always be pleasant.

Knowing them for yourself is okay as you already have your reasons for dating him in the first place. Reminding him daily how your family and friends disapprove of your relationship will not help matters.

Previous sexual adventures

Although you are in a relationship with him, it doesn’t mean he brings 100% of your needs to the table. Keep your escapades to yourself, bolt that door and embrace that man in front of you.

Personal finances

Being together means planning your future together and doing projects together.

Finances, however, are a tough stretch since, despite the two of you being in a relationship, you are still individuals. To begin with, having a separate account from the joint account the two of you share may save you on a rainy day. It is, however, advisable to have a clear discussion on finances, who does what etc. In as much as you both practise openness of finances, still, keep some money for yourself as you never know how the cookie crumbles.

Generally, for a wholesome, realistic relationship, it is highly recommended you both still keep your respective personal savings account as well as a joint account if you both choose to have one.

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