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Teen Depression-The Whys, The Symptoms, The Breakthrough

I used to have a friend called Bonike, even though we have lost contact, I still remember her for her mood swings. While growing up, I saw her as a strange fellow, one minute she talks to you and the next minute like a snail, she is in her shell. She goes into a low mood which affects her thoughts, feelings, behavior, and her whole sense of well-being. Bonike was used to frowning and that was like her identity. Could she be faced with challenges at home?

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4 Things Grown Adults Should Never Brag About

Part of becoming an adult is realizing the difference between confidence and conceit. There is a line that separates the two. As a child it was okay, or even typical for you to do some things as a kid. But as an adult it becomes quite abnormal and unsafe. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 things grown adults should never brag about.

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