Some of us find it almost impossible to fall asleep on a plane. Try out the tips below and see whether they are effective and useful enough.

  1. Using a Hoodie

Tip number one: bring a hoodie. You can replace this item with a cardigan. If this is not your first flight, then you already know how cold it may be on a plane. You need the right temperature to feel comfortable. If it’s too cold or too hot, then you won’t be able to get a good rest during your flight. Freezing is the worst things you may experience on a plane so remember that the conditioning system of a plane can make you feel cold. Have a sweater or a jacket in case you feel that the temperature on board is too low. Ask for a blanket in case you forget your own warm clothes – some airlines provide passengers with this sort of things.

  1. Wearing a Wireless Bra

Forget your favorite push-up bras and other underwear items than feel uncomfortable. While travelling, you’ll need a bra that is wireless and not too tight. Avoid lingerie with too many elements and details that can make you feel itchy. Experienced travellers claim that the best option is to put on a yoga bra or a special sports bra.

  1. Dressing Comfortably

If the flight is going to last for a few hours, we strongly advise you should wear a very comfortable outfit. Comfortable clothes are an absolute must for people who travel by plane long hours and long distances. Your clothes should be warm enough. You are also recommended to wear something that is not tight or small. You can pick an oversized shirt, sweater or jeans. Make sure that the footwear is easy to take off and that neither your shoes nor clothes have too many buttons, laces or zippers.

  1. Avoiding Alcohol

Alcohol is far from being refreshing. Even if after downing a glass of whiskey you can fall asleep more easily, then you will surely wake up after a couple of hours feeling terrible. Avoid all sorts of strong drinks before and during the flight. Give preference to other beverages that do not contain alcohol at all.

  1. Blocking Out The Surrounding Sounds

The noises that surround you on a plane are disturbing. They won’t let you fall asleep. Sometimes there will be other passengers with crying babies, for instance. You then might need to block the sounds by listening to soothing and relaxing music. Bring headphones and put them on during the flight.

  1. Covering Your Eyes

Light is another reason why you may not be able to fall sleep on board. The first thing you should do is to block it. A sleep mask can resolve the issue. If there is no mask, use your baseball cap instead. The cap can be used as a shield from other people around to provide privacy. The cap can perfectly prevent other passengers from looking at your sleeping face. Another tip you can use is to apply a drop or two of essential oil onto the inside of the cap. It will block the smells and odors that come from foods, drinks and other people on the plane.

  1. Considering a Neck Pillow

Purchase a neck pillow and remember to take it with you every time you get on the plane. Neck pillows are extremely useful, especially if you belong to frequent travellers. A neck pillow will help you feel comfortable and relaxed. You will easily falls asleep and wake up feeling refresh. There will be no backache or neckache either. There are neck pillows of various designs. Opt for a longer model instead of a regular one. You can put your chin on it or wearing such a neck pillow backwards in order to keep your head in place.

  1. Bringing Melatonin

If none of the above-mentioned tips work well enough, we suggest you should bring sleeping pills. However, there is even a smarter alternative. As you know, some sleeping pills are too strong. As a traveller, you might need some lighter formula. Instead of your regular sleeping pills you can try out melatonin. Supplements that contain melatonin are natural and healthier that other medication.

  1. Warm Socks

Swellings are typical of long-distance travellers. If you also suffer from this issue, you should always wear compression socks. They won’t take too much space in your suitcase, they will keep your feet warm too plus they can prevent your legs from swelling.

Credit: ladies.