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Sep 14, Margaret Sanger (d.1966), feminist, nurse, birth control proponent, was born in Corning, NY.


Sep 14, Margaret Higgins Sanger was born. While not the first in the U.S. advocating the use of contraceptives, she coined the term “birth control” in 1914. She was the founder of the birth control movement in the United States and the National Birth Control League. Wife of an affluent architect and mother of three, Sanger worked as a visiting nurse on New York’s Lower East Side, where she witnessed the misery and poverty caused by uncontrolled fertility. Sanger became a nurse and after moving to New York City in 1912 became involved in the bohemian society. She launched Woman Rebel magazine in March 1914. For sending pleas for birth control through the mails, she was indicted in August 1914 under New York’s 1873 Comstock Act, which classified information related to contraception as being obscene. She went on to lead a global movement for birth control and founded the organization that would later become Planned Parenthood. She died on September 6, 1966.


Sep 14, Isadora Duncan (born in San Francisco in 1878), modern dance pioneer, died in Nice, France, when her scarf became entangled in a wheel of her sports car. A 1968 film with Vanessa Redgrave portrayed her life.


Sep 14, Mary Ann Fischer of Aberdeen, S.D., gave birth to four girls and a boy, the first surviving quintuplets in the United States


Sep 14, Pope Paul VI declared Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton the first native-born American saint in the Roman Catholic Church.


Sep 14, Princess Grace of Monaco, formerly actress Grace Kelly, died at age 52 of injuries from a car crash the day before. Her daughter Stephanie survived the crash. Kelly rose to prominence in film with 1952’s ‘High Noon’, and she worked with Alfred Hitchcock in several films including ‘Rear Window’. Her movie career was a brief six years where she did win an Oscar for ‘The Country Girl’. In 1956 she retired from film following her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco.


Sep 14, President Reagan and his wife, Nancy, appeared together on radio and television to appeal for a “national crusade” against drug abuse.


Sep 14, Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole resigned to devote herself to the presidential campaign of her husband, Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole.


Sep 14, Carolyn Suzanne Sapp of Hawaii was crowned “Miss America.”


Sep 14, Her party said former PM Benazir Bhutto will return to Pakistan from an eight-year exile on Oct. 18. The government said she was free to come back but would have to face corruption cases against her.


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