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Sep 11, Jenny Lind, the “Swedish Nightingale,” gave her first concert in the United States, at Castle Garden in New York.


Sep 11, Hedy Lamarr, actress, was born in Austria. She featured in numerous minor roles in Austro-German film prior to her 1938 Hollywood arrival and gained significant notoriety for her libidinous 10 nude scene in the Czech film ‘Ecstasy’ (1932).  She was cast in many romantic films including ‘Samson and Delilah’ and ‘My Favorite Spy’ “Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid”– Hedy Lamarr.


Sep 11, The body of a woman was found in the Delta-Mendota Canal near Westley, Ca. she had been stabbed 65 times. In 2008 DNA evidence identified her asMary Alice Willey (23) of San Francisco. It was suspected that she had played a role in the Aug 29 black Panther attack at the Ingleside police station that left one officer dead.


Sep 11, Serena Williams won the US Open women’s title, beating top-seeded Martina Hingis, 6-3, 7-6 (7-4).


Sep 11, In Britain Alesha Ahmed (15) watched her parents, Iftikhar and Farzana, suffocate her sister Shafilea (17) on to the sofa in their house in Warrington, Cheshire. She had been missing for a week before her teachers informed the police. In 2012 Alesh testified against her parents at their murder trial. The Pakistani couple allegedly felt that Shafilea was bringing shame on their family with her “Westernized” conduct. On Aug 3, 2012, a court found the Pakistani-born couple guilty of murdering their teenage daughter.


Sep 11, In South Africa reports on gender testing on running sensation Caster Semenya has determined she has male and female sexual organs. This triggered outrage and dealt a blow to her family, who may have been unaware of the reported condition. There was worry about how the 18-year-old will handle all this. Testing determined that Semenya has internal testes, meaning the runner herself, who was raised in a poor village, may have been unaware of such a condition. The condition is generally referred to as intersexuality. The older term for someone who has both male and female organs is hermaphrodite.

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